Gustave A. Boettger —
The Forgotten Hero


Born- 02/25/1883 Brooklyn
Hired in 1908
Tour- 14 years
Badge- 8331
End of watch- 07/13/1922 Brooklyn
Mounted unit D

Gustave A. Boettger studied military science and law and served in the 12th US Cavalry Regiment of Rough Riders. Gustave was a staunch advocate of rough riders for the mounted police and stopped more than 150 runaway horses. He was injured more than a dozen times and sustained a fractured skull, broken legs, 3 broken ribs, and internal injuries on multiple occasions.

Gustave had over 1000 arrests and was awarded Citizen and Army Navy Medals by mayor the Brooklyn. He received the NYPD Honor Legion Medal and was one of the original founders of this great organization. Gustave rode and acted as different characters in the Police carnivals held for the benefit of families of Policeman killed in the performance of their duty. He also rode horses in exhibition for ex-President Roosevelt.

The NYPD Honor Legion proudly salutes this forgotten hero!

Learn more about Gustave Boettger from the book titled “The Forgotten Hero: New York City Mounted Policeman Gustave A. Boettger Becomes the Hero of Brooklyn,” which can be found on Amazon.