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The Honor Legion, founded in 1900 is the oldest Fraternal Organization in the New York City Police Department

The Honor Legion
of the Police Department of the City of New York

The Honor Legion, founded in 1900, is the oldest Fraternal Organization in the New York City Police Department.

The Honor Legion is composed of members of the Police Force of the City of New York, comprising all ranks, who during the history of the Honor Legion have received Department recognition and have been awarded medals of Honorable Mention for deeds of valor performed at imminent risk of life or who have been commended for meritorious acts at personal risk, and who are entitled to wear the insignia of their Department.

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Historically, Honorary Honor Legion Memberships are granted to persons who greatly contribute to the good & welfare of the Honor Legion, Widows & Orphans Fund & Scholarship Fund via philanthropy, volunteerism, or other exemplary notable service to the Honor Legion or the greater NYPD & NYC Communities.

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